Skin Comfort Essential Oil Blends

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SKIN COMFORT Essential Oil Blends Skin discomfort can be frustrating. Acne breakouts can be embarrassing socially, and they can also leave scars...


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SKIN COMFORT Essential Oil Blends

Skin discomfort can be frustrating. Acne breakouts can be embarrassing socially, and they can also leave scars on the skin especially face.  In our opinion, acne scars can be heal by itself by using an effective homeopathic remedy, it is easy to prevent or heal scars and scar pigmentation.  No more  painful and troublesome ways to tackle your skin problems. Use SKIN COMFORT Remedy developed by our experts in RETROMASS BioScience Laboratory.


Pimples left history marks to remind the skin woes.  The best way to preventing from breakout is to have a good balance facial skin.  Oily skin is one of the deadly cause of acnes and pimples.  Keep drying the surface will not end the oil which naturally generated on your face.  You need to use a good remedy to balance your facial skin first.  There are many reasons you're breaking, other than unhealthy food intakes, irregular hours of work and sleep, the most direct impact is the clogging of pores.  It is essential to keep a holistic lifestyle, a balanced diet, as well as keeping your face clean and PH balanced.  The SKIN COMFORT REMEDY will help you to improve your challenging skin condition and comfort your skin inflammatory sensitivity.


The SKIN COMFORT REMEDY is here to fight against problem-prone skin by dissolve acne blemishes and help the reproduction to heal by self recovery.   It also control blackheads to buildup, avoid acnes to grow.  This fast absorb and non-sticky serum based will leave skin feeling refresh and balance after application.  This is designed for dry to oily skin types to use, it helps to normalize.


  • Eliminates Bacteria of Acne
  • Flowers & Herbs Ingredients Comfort Skin Inflammation
  • Target Acnes & Pimples
  • Unclogs Skin Pores
  • Balance & Control Skin Excessive Oil
  • Smooth You Skin
  • Reduce Pimple Marks


SKIN COMFORT is a traditional remedy redeveloped by RETROMASS Bioscience LAB which combined with Flower Essence & Herbal Therapy. Additional ingredients including total 8 other kinds of precious flowers and herbs in the serum.


Apply Skin Comfort for immediate inflammation relief or area where you have acne scars. Use Skin Comfort after shower to retain your skin in good condition.  This blended remedy oil is bottled with a pipette that helps you to dip directly to the irritation areas and follow by a good massage through your skin.  Use the pipette to transfer serums and dip onto your desired area, massage evenly and make sure it is well covered and absorbed deep into your skin, leave-in until your regular next shower with a natural and PH balanced washer or soap of your choice.  


The key source of the research was conducted from the Han Herbal Science Encyclopedia published during the Tang Dynasty.  One or both of this research source had been discarded by modern science.  


For external use only.   Avoid touching the eyes. Any skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of small children. Consult your doctor or physician if you're currently receiving other medical treatment, pregnant or hospitalized.


Any statement regarding this information have not been evaluated by FDA and are not intended to cure or treat medical disease. This product is only intend to be used as cosmetic , skincare and spiritual health aid.

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Skin Comfort Essential Oil Blends

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