Anethi Essential Oil - Certified Organic by Retromass

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Anethi Essential Oil - Certified Organic by Retromass

Botanical Family:   Apiaceae (Anethum Sowa) 

Anethi Essential Oil is known as East Indian Dill.  Anethi oil is an herb that helo to relief the accumulation of gas in the alimentary canal which most would called flatulence.  Anethi has a sweet aroma which the food and beverage industries love using Anethi to flavor their products.  Anethi Essential Oil is extracted from the seed of Anethi plant by steam distillation.  The concentrated oil is light yellow with a nice sweet and sharp taste and a twist of burning sensation to the odor.   Anethi oil takes longer than normal plants and seeds when come to distillation,  but the result of the long process is worthwhile achieving.  







This amazing Anethi Essential Oil is widely used from food industry all the way to the pharma industry.  The therapeutic of Anethi is mainly for relief if stomach discomfort and flatulence.  Many formulated Anethi into blends for pain and inflammation reduction.  There are significant amount of caryone and dill apiole in the chemical constituents in Anethi Essential Oil.  The highly useful properties had been traditionally used for long history in many eastern cultures.




There are tremendous benefits in Anethi Essential Oil.   This oil has shown to reduce nausea, anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue and menstrual related discomforts.




Anethi Essential Oil  blends well with Caraway, Celery, Cade, Cardamom, Star Anise. 






ODOR    Fresh Sweet Earthy Scent and Woody Odor with Middle Note     

INTENSITY LEVEL     Level Between 4 ~ 5.






  • Apply directly to area needed after dilution with carrier oil.
  • Mix this essential oil with other oils in your bathwater. It will give your body a soothing relief.
  • Mix with any other essential oils of your choice.
  • In case you might be allergic, apply small patch test and wait a few hours before regular use.


Although Anethi Essential Oil is non-toxic and non-irritating, but for someone with sensitive skin can still lead to skin allergy.  Use moderately.  This is a highly pure Anethi essential oil which mild but sensitivity still varies for each individual.  Do a patch test on a small part of your skin to see if your skin react negatively to this oil. Do not consume this oil internally in large amounts. Don't allow this essential oil to touch your nose and eyes. Avoided during pregnancy. Use this oil with caution when comes to patient with high blood pressure. Do not let children under 6 years old to intake this oil.    

DISCLAIMER    Any statement regarding this information have not been evaluated by FDA and are not intended to cure or treat medical disease. This product is only intend to be used as cosmetic skincare and spiritual health aid.


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Anethi Essential Oil - Certified Organic by Retromass

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