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The Passion for Fitness and Health

Different people have different passions. Some are passionate about their work; some are obsessed with their favorite sports team, some are enthusiastic about traveling, and so on. But if there is one passion everybody needs to have, it is the passion for health and well-being.

If we look at how crucial a healthy body is to lead a happy and fulfilled life, one will understand that passion for fitness and health should take precedence over any other thing in life because simply: health is the greatest treasure.

If you are someone deeply passionate about cars, your job, technology, or anything else for that matter, how can you possibly pursue your passion if you’re not in your best shape? This is why you need to prioritize your physical and mental well-being, if not already. Achieving and maintaining good health can be quite a challenge, given the many things you need to take care of. Most importantly, there are no shortcuts; there’s no magic potion to swallow. But you should also know that a few right steps taken in the right direction to improve your health will go a long way and make your quality of life better in so many different ways.


Modern technology and science have made life easier on many levels. From cars to ready-made meals, all these advancements have made us no longer need to walk miles to get from here to there or manually harvest crops for food. Simply put, every job that required physical exertion is being taken over by machines as we move further and further away from nature. Not just that, we are also moving away from natural food and elements, as the vast majority of the food we consume today comes to us after passing through dozens of artificial processes, virtually removing its true nutritional potential.

People today are not as healthy, strong, and happy as they were a few hundred years ago. Poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, irregular habits, and a general disconnect from nature are the most important reasons. The question is, can we bring back the health benefits of a strong connection to nature without having to move to the woods with no technology at all.

The answer to the question posed above is a big YES! Because here at RETROMASS, we strive to bring the benefits of nature, in all their purity, to our customers. RETROMASS is a well-known company that offers a wide range of organic products made from essential oils and natural plant extracts. We have been working with organic farms around the world to source our ingredients to ensure that we produce the best quality products.

RETROMASS is the name of ‘Quality’ and ‘Excellence.’ With our profound emphasis on maintaining the premium quality of our products and sustainable business model, we are gradually surpassing every other competitor in the market. We take pride in recognizing the needs and health problems of the general population and providing the people with the benefits of pure and unprocessed natural materials.

How the Healing Power of Nature Was Discovered?

Nature and its ability to heal are a thing to behold. While thinking about it, one might wonder when and how we discovered how to harness the power of nature for health benefits. It all started when Hippocrates, the inventor of medicine, started using the ‘healing by power of nature’ method sometime around 460 BC. Hippocrates introduced natural medicines from plants and herbs. Furthermore, he discovered that some naturally occurring minerals were able to stimulate the body’s healing mechanism, which was then made part of the natural therapies.

Nowadays, even the most advanced and effective scientifically proven drugs in modern medicine are derived from traditional medicine. Aspirin is one of the most common and well-known examples. It was unknowingly discovered when ancient Egyptian people used to chew on willow tree bark to relieve pain. Later, aspirin was found to be the active compound in willow bark and started to be manufactured by the Royal Society in 1763. Moreover, ancient Egyptians used to utilize dry myrtle leaves along with honey as an antibacterial and natural therapy. Today this therapy is being used for hay fever. Peppermint was used to treat irritable bowel syndrome, while ginger was found to fight pain and nausea and be a valuable natural product for muscle relaxation and depression. Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties in treating conditions such as arthritis.


One of the best things about RETROMASS is that we provide you with a wide range of wonderful 100% organic products for you to choose from. Natural therapies and products are dominating the marketplace in 2021 as we are on a journey towards better well-being and engaging people to lead a healthy life. All our products are prepared from 100% organic and non-toxic substances that can be used by all. You might just want to check with your physician if you have an underlying condition to be on the safe side.


Essential oils are responsible for producing flavor, smell, and essence. This process is done through distillation mixed with a carrier oil to get it ready for use. Aromatherapy is referred to as an essential oil therapy that ranges from body butter to therapeutic inhalers. RETROMASS offers a wide variety of essential oils that revive nature and soothe one’s mind.


  • LEMON: This one is energizing and helps in purification.

  • LAVENDAR: Calms, relaxes, and improves general well-being.

  • PEPPERMINT: Relieves pain and diminishes fatigue.

  • BERGAMOT: Has a sweet aroma and eases pain.

  • ORANGE: Owns a zing of citrus acids and is exceptionally energizing.

  • ROMAN CHAMOMILE: It can be used in tea and is responsible for calming the mind and relieving pain. It carries a sweet smell as well.

  • MARJORAM: Relieves pain with a woody smell that is similar to oregano.

  • FRANKINCENSE: This is considered to be the king of essential oils. It improves cell function, soothes skin, reduces blemishes, and improves overall wellness. This oil holds rich properties which keep one healthy and fit.