Our mission

RETROMASS - Holistically Yours!

At RETROMASS, we are all about adhering to nature and sustainability. Providing you with the most ethically sourced organic and cruelty-free products free from artificial ingredients is our utmost priority. Majority of our products are organically obtained from plants or other related naturally occurring matter, the primary purpose of which is to bring the pure, undiluted therapeutic power of nature to our customers.

Science and history are the two primary sources of inspiration that help RETROMASS bring premium quality natural products to you. One of the founding principles of our brand is to prepare our products after extensive research on the scientific and historical aspects of the aromatic use of herbs and other natural materials. This concept is reflected in the very name of our brand, which being a combination of two words, retro and mass, combines history and science. The word retro represents the ancient traditions of using different plants and organic materials for their aroma, while the word mass stands for the natural state of matter: a concept that entails all of the chemical, biological and physical properties of matter backed by science.

The concept of providing people with a more easy-going, holistic, and majorly organic approach towards physical and mental well-being is a core value at RETROMASS. All this is done, of course, after extensive research and observation of the large gap in the demand and supply of naturally prepared products. The techniques used and products produced at RETROMASS are extensively researched by our Bioscience team and date back to the ancient use of these products. All this, coupled with over 30 years of expertise in Aromatherapy and traditional herbal therapy, make our brand the most special one in the market.

Why Go With Herbal Therapy?

With growing concerns regarding modern medical care and medicine and their side effects, more and more people are beginning to explore natural approaches towards general well-being. In addition, people are now more aware of the long-term adverse health impacts they may face due to the aggressive and quick cures offered by modern medicine. However, the rising demand for less harsh and more natural therapies is not just the only factor contributing to the increasing trend towards herbal therapy. Its rising popularity can also be attributed to the fact that the traditional aromatic use of herbs and other organic matter had stood the test of time with a vast history that dates to ancient times when allopathy was not even invented.

Moreover, herbal remedies have a more holistic approach. They do not target just one aspect of health but also focus on the body as a whole. A holistic view of health as an integration of the body, mind, and spirit has also gone hand in hand with the fact that health needs to be prioritized before illness strikes.

The plant-based therapies we prepare make an excellent choice when trying the prevention approach, as they can be used on a daily basis with the proper care and negligible side effects as opposed to allopathic therapy, which is only used once health has already deteriorated. In other words, the traditional therapeutic use of herbs aims to maintain and fortify general well-being. Furthermore, herbs can be used in conjunction with ongoing standard medicine, and they will only help.

Where Do We Source Our Ingredients?

At RETROMASS, our mission is to provide the most ethically sourced ingredients that originate from places where the herbs or plants are most popularly used for their aromatic benefits. Our partnering farms use no fertilizer or pesticides in the process of preparing the ingredients, and they are harvested in a 100% cruelty-free and humane manner. Hence, ensuring that most of our products are entirely organic and do not come with the risk of adverse effects associated with the use of artificial techniques.

Our non-cruelty tag is another unique element of the way we source and produce our products. We firmly believe that the cost of health should not equate to the life of an animal. Hence, we strictly abide by cruelty-free acts.

Here at RETROMASS, we also understand that premium quality products are not just prepared by sourcing organic ingredients ethically and in cruelty-free ways. A crucial element that renders the quality of our products superior is that we have our in-house research labs where our bio-scientists extensively research each ingredient on its benefits, side effects, and the most effective methods of using it before our products hit the market.

Our Products – What We Offer?

We value our customers’ health and their opinion the most when it comes to the quality of our products. So before any product hits the shelves, it is tested, researched, and improved after feedback from testers. Our quality control team has managed to maintain high quality across the great variety of products you can choose from. This includes Essential Oils, Natural Carrier Oils, Herbs, Holistic Rollers, Sleeping Aid, Mood Enhancers, Skin, Hair, Scalp Remedies, Joint and Muscle Pain Relievers, and much more.

Our products come with a how-to-use guide and clear instructions regarding the frequency and dose of use. We also emphasize getting in contact with your primary care physician before adding any of our products into your regimen to eliminate any doubts and practice the best use. The information we provide on the product guide is applicable to our products only and should only apply to them. We formulate our products using our own labs and techniques that involve a tremendous amount of research. Hence the information on one of our products should strictly be not be applied to other similar products.

To conclude and to summarize our mission, we aim to deliver traditional holistic therapy to the general public. RETROMASS aspires to unleash the pure power of nature that everyone can have access to from the comfort of their home, and last but not least, we do this while emphasizing the importance of prevention rather than cure.