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Buddha Wood ESSENTIAL OIL by Retromass (Therapeutic Grade)

Botanical Family: Eremophila Mitchellii

The well-known botanist George Bentham named this tree Eremophila mitchellii after Sir Thomas Mitchell back in 1948 and voyage with to Australia. The name Eremophila derives from the Greek word eremos, which means desert, and also philea means love, and it described the plant perfectly that it seemed to grow extremely well in a desert climate. The complex of resins are grown with rich oils to protect the tree from extreme and harsh climate. Buddha Wood Essential Oil is extracted by steam distillation from the heartwood and bark of the a small tree native to east region of Australia.  Many experts would call this tree as Australian Desert Rosewood, this brawny shrub was widely used by the Aboriginals. The extravagant thick woody aroma got distinct glutinous texture with a ultra amber color.  Both Sandalwood and Buddha Wood Essential Oil are often complete for its benefits even though the chemistry, constituency and aroma are not comparable.





Buddha Wood Oil supports advanced level of meditation and inner cultivation. This extraordinary grounding and center-balanced oil enhanced spiritual and mental practice with strong support for clarity when focusing on difficult situations like griefs. Buddha Wood Oil is used in blends for aphrodisiac purpose. Solely, Buddha Wood Oil contains rare sesquiterpene compounds which impart anti-inflammatory properties by far. The outstanding balsamic with the smoke notes, Buddha Wood Oil Essential Oil is use as a rare method for motivate creativity when blends into perfumes and colognes for better result of the aromatic formation. The pure and powerful energy of Buddha Wood Oil works to give strong support to the immune system as well as reduce viral bacteria. This essential oil is one of the best choice for its skin nourishing purpose, as well as to ease muscle spasms.





Buddah Wood blends well with any floral and citrus oil.  Bergamot, lavender, rose, ylang-ylang, geranium and sandalwood. 



Buddha Wood Essential Oil smells as if you're in a woodshop.  The woody aroma is unlike cedarwood, yet this is richer and more resinous.


Between 7 to 8


Base Note





You can add small amounts of diffused Buddah Wood essential oil to your bathwater. It gives you a refreshing feeling afterward. You can also sprinkle droplets of Buddah Wood essential oil on a cloth and inhale. It keeps you alert and calms down your nerves. Use small amount of Buddah Wood Oil patch test to see if you're sensitive to this oil.  Do not direct use this oil onto your skin or face.  Always use carrier oil of your choice to dilute this oil.  


Do not use Buddah Wood essential oil if you are under prescriptions from your doctor. Do not use this essential oil if you're a breastfeeding mother. You are not advised to use Buddah Wood essential oil if you are pregnant. Do not use an overdose of this oil. Don't use this oil on infants. Avoid the ingestion of this essential oil. If you use this essential oil and you experience skin irritations, please avoid using it. Do not allow Buddah Wood  essential oil to contact with your eyes and inner ears.


Any statement regarding this information had not been evaluated by FDA and are not intended to cure or treat medical disease.  This product is only intend to be used as cosmetic and skincare. 

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Buddha Wood Essential Oil by Retromass

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