Cypress Essential Oil Certified Organic by Retromass

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Cypress Essential Oil Certified Organic by Retromass

Botanical Name: Cupressus sempervirens L.

Cypress is native to Southern Europe even it's commonly called the Italian Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) which is widely spread throughout  North America ,France, Spain, Morocco and parts of North Africa. Cypress is a longevity kind of tree being not so easy to decay. The Latin name sempervirens simply translated as live-forever.  That gives the Greeks using the Cypress wood to sculpt most of the ancient immortal gods statues. Cypress Essential Oil is widely used in skin and hair care.  The impact of the holistic usages extended to massage, shampoos, soaps and fragrances.

Our Cypress Essential Oil is hydro-distilled from the part that is highly aromatic of cones, leaves, and twigs derived from Cupressus sempervirens trees which growing wildly organic in the Spanish mountains. 


Cypress Essential Oil is widely use in blends which formulated to promote ease and relief in pan degree of coughing.  It opens the airways almost instantly when comes to minor breathing issue. Cypress Oil is popular when use in diffusion so it helps to  formulate into the state of ease when comes to time of stress.

Cypress Essential Oil is a stimulant, a uplifting oil that is ideal for aromatherapy, body wellness, chakra energy work and hand soap making.  This oil is energizing and uplift the body and mind when apply. Cypress Oil supports any agent during periods of anxiety and depression. It also help to promote healthy circulation and help with better sleep.  Cypress Essential Oil is very good choice of oil when comes to ease muscle spasms.  Cypress's monoterpenes constituency made beneficial for oily skin. It's natural deodorant affinity which helps to balance between hair and skin while fight the unfavorable smell of body odors.  




  • Energizing and Mental Clarity
  • DIY Your Own Skin or Muscle Cream
  • Enhance Daily Beauty Routine
  • Creating Your Health Remedy
  • Make Your Own Woody Smell Cologne 


    Any Citrus oils like Lemon, Orange, Bergamot, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Juniper Berry, Lavender, Marjoram, Rosemary, and Sandalwood.


    Woody, smoky with a sweet, balsamic undertone.    

    Cypress Essential Oil holds a fresh,  balsamic aroma and the instant scent is quite herbaceous and spicy, with a slightly woody undertone.


    Middle Note 



    Apply a few drops in your bath water for a calming and soothing relief. Spray two to three drops in a piece of cloth or tissue and inhale to enhance your mood. Basil oil can be used as a massage oil, pour some on your skin and massage gently. Basil oil can be mixed with shampoo to help revive scalp and enhancing hair growth.


    Internal consumption of basil essential oil is not advisable. Don't use this essential oil directly on your skin to avoid negative skin reactions. Children should be hindered from using this oil except a health practitioner advises otherwise. Don't use this basil essential oil if you are a pregnant woman.


    Any statement regarding this information had not been evaluated by FDA and are not intended to cure or treat medical disease.  This product is only intend to be used as cosmetic and skincare. 

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    Cypress Essential Oil Certified Organic by Retromass

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