Lingonberry Seed Oil 1f.oz/30ml by Retromass

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Lingonberry Seed Oil by Retromass

Botanical Name:  Vaccinium vitis-idaea

Lingonberries,  with exceptionally high level of antioxidants, plant sterols and essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. In Scandinavia countries like Sweden, Norway and Finland, lingonberry oil is well-known for health-promoting berry oil.
Our Lingonberry Oil is produced by the fresh green shrubs hand picked from the Scandinavia's forests. The colorful red berries are richer than the distant berry cousin call cranberry. The taste is closer to raspberries which is a bit sweet, sour and tarty. 



The "Super Fruit" Lingonberry and its Seed Oil has the highest content of alpha-linolenic acid among all of the berry seed oils you can find. The linoleic acid with extend of fatty acids which make up 85% of entire fatty acids. A fantastic oil to smooth your skin and keeping skin glowing and vibrant. Lingonberry contains high anti-wrinkle effect even in the form of its own nature, the berries retaining moisture and elasticity under various types of challenging environment. Other than  the high level of fatty acid Omega-3 contained, yet it also has antioxidant gamma-tocotrienol, a best form of natural vitamin E that is over 60 times more effective than others.





Lingonberry is known for anti-inflammatory properties which fight against eczema and the high phytosterols prevents moisture losses and repair skin damage as well. This oil contained both vitamins A and E that slows the aging process and promotes the production of collagens, and help your skin shine with vibrant appearance.



Hair Care

Massage Lingonberry deep into your hair and scalp. Use your fingers to massage and spread the oil throughout your hair and deep down to your scalp. You can also comb your hair in order to even the oil into your hair. Weekly application promotes hair growth.


Lingonberry is one of the best oils for skin moisture and sustain hydration. Wounds: Application of  Lingonberry to reduce inflammation condition. Ancient time used for rashes, psoriasis, and skin inflammation. Studies shown Lingonberry may help with acne.


FOUND IN Our Blend Products.


Lingonberry is normally used as a carrier oil, you can mix other carrier oils and essential oils of your choice. Using a carrier helps with absorption and prolong the effect of the essential oil. It also slows the process of evaporation of the essential oils. We think this oil makes one of the best carrier for essential oils and a good source to create your own natural cosmetic blend.  


Lingonberry is considered safe for all skin types unless you’re allergic to seeds in general, don’t use it on your skin if this oil brings you itchiness. Make patch test before applying it to your face.

Talk to your doctor or dermatologist if you don’t know if this Oil can be allergic to your skin. 

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Lingonberry Seed Oil 1f.oz/30ml by Retromass

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