Organic Neem Plus

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Organic Neem Plus

Neem is consider a magical tree in India.  Neem is also called Nim or Margosa.  It is a mahogony family and widely used as an organic pesticides and traditional remedies and timer.  Neem trees are native in the dry part of the countries in India and Myanmar.  Some neems are found in Africa and throughout Central and South America.  It is widely used as ancient remedies as well as in cosmetics. The smell Neem can be unpleasant for most people,  some bio method may separate the smell from the oil, but it also took away the good therapeutic substance of Neem.  Our BioScience experts created Neem Plus by combining Neem with the natural balsamic found in many herbs in high mountain of Formosa to eliminate the bitter and strong smell of the original taste.  The mixing of Formosa trees and herbs also boosted this formula to the max in terms of health benefits.


The tree of Neem has a major important role for inhibition of bacterial growth.  It is effective in preventing diseases and normal treatment of the substance enhance antioxidant.  The treatment of Neem is use relatively in Homeopathy and Ayuveda, as well as modern medicine to treat general infections and cancers.  BioScience experiments had reported the many therapeutic benefits under the usages of neem.   The therapeutic aspect of this pant is still under more positive findings with fewer side effect.  Both the plant and oils are easy to find in the market or even from the farm itself.  It is an affordable property that almost all households in India would keep the dry plant for cooking and oil for wide range of purposes.



There are many reviews emphasize the role of neem and its active ingredients in the diseases prevention. It opens many doors in medical and BioScience researches.  It is widely accepted that pharmacological drugs also derive from natural herbs and flowers which made many plants being graded as medicinal and therapeutic.  A good numbers of Meliaceae family of trees are now proven therapeutic to cure diseases. This is widely practice in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and South East Asia as well.  The complex of constituency in Azadirachta Indica was found on Neem.  The ingredients such as nimbin, nimbolide and limmonoids play an role in manage diseases through modulation and many other generic pathways.  Quercetin and sitosterol derived from the fresh leaves which have high abundant antioxidants that combating your body from radical damages which linked to chronic disease.



  • Ease Allergy.
  • Blood Pressure.
  • Build Immunity .
  • Iron Rich.
  • Hair Health & Growth.
  • Fight Fatigue.
  • Ease Skin Disorders.


Neem, Jojoba Tea Tree, Lemon Grass..... total 6 flowers and herbs. 


Use Neem Plus for your skin: Lightly dab Neem Oil onto the area with your index fingertip or cotton swab the and allow it to absorb for 15 minutes.  You can choose to leave the oil until your next regular shower or wash it of after 15 minutes.  Use daily in order to achieve desired results.


Avoid touching the eyes. Any skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of small children. Consult your doctor or physician if you're currently receiving other medical treatment, pregnant or hospitalized.


Any statement regarding the above information have not been evaluated by FDA and are not intended to cure or treat medical disease. This product is only intend to be used as cosmetic and skincare.

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Organic Neem Plus

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